Well, I don't want to tell you any fancy stories about me however I will share my true story because i firmly believe somewhere someone can connect with it. So let’s begin… I had the worst self-esteem as a kid, raised up in a middle-class family and went to the topmost school of Rajasthan. My journey has not been an easy one but it carved me in the best possible way what I am today and if look back I have only ALLURING words to say about it with utmost GRATITUDE.


  • Jasmine Kaur

    From being hyper bullied to gaining confidence, from a scared and introverted (afraid to speak even a single word), to mentoring HUNDREDS OF INDIVIDUALS Being the most "stupid and dull student", that's what my teachers used to call me. Went on to grooming teachers in ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

  • Jasmine Kaur

    From being the most afraid one to becoming Gujarat’s FIRST LADY FIRE WALK INSTRUCTOR. From scoring low grades every year to possess world-class certifications from renowned universities like Asian College Of Teachers, Cambridge University and the British Council.

  • abt

    I started my career working with TATA Tie Stree shakti ( training vertical of TATA group who works for WEDP) where i was given an opportunity to groom female aspiring entrepreneurs in ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT.

  • abt

    My another achievement was when i got assoicated with AIESEC India, It’s an International organisation which helps people find perfect pool of interns across the world. They help connect you with some of the brightest and most ambitious young minds from around the world. Their interns come equipped with skills and expertise to help companies grow and reach out to new markets. I was fortunate enough to conduct good number of Grooming sessions for their members.

  • abt

    I started my own venture, Brillianze English Learning Studio where i train people extensively on the Two MOST IMPORTANT SEGMENTS OF TODAYS ERA,THAT IS ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT. I have helped hundreds of individuals to reach their maximum potential by guiding them being SUPER CONFIDENT in all areas. My teaching methods are based on MORE OF PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE AND LESS OF THEORY, therefore it even makes the sessions SUPER INTERESTING AND AT THE SAME TIME EASY TO IMPLEMENT.

  • Jasmine

    I decided to take up an initiative to reach and help maximum individuals by putting maximum content online, these materials are going to be Super Productive and Extremely Helpful for the people who struggle a lot in Effective Communication Skills and Impressive Body language.

My motive behind sharing my story is that I strongly believe that no matter where you are, who you are or what happens with you, you ALWAYS HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE AND TAKE AN INITIATIVE to bring out a MASSIVE CHANGE in your life and BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Jasmine Kaur
Mentor, Public Speaker, Life Guide
Brillianze English Learning Studio